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Our experience in mining achieved that our company has done projects like the call "Sand extraction in the riverbed calabazas". The type of work or activity of this project is the mining sector which is extractive . This involves the use of sand as stone material , which was sold for the market of construction materials. This project was characterized by interest not to affect the environment or the environment so as part of the selection of the place where he carried out the project trenches exploration with which the possibility of the use of bank material was estimated to be performed . As well as the study MIA (Manifestación de Impacto Ambiental). This project has facilitated the removal of a volume of about 310,095.00 m3 sand and stone material and still have high. Las project facilities are located on the bank of the stream channel corresponding calabazas, which is located at the height of the Testerazo village in the municipality of Tecate Baja California.

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Recent Notes

Octubre 2014

Bud Light GRM stores starts operations in Tijuana

An new option to buy Bud Light beer is finally here our boutique concept stores brings to you a renewed enviroment for Bud Light fans is just simply awesome and fun!!! you'll have to try this new experience.

Noviembre 2014

Mexico's States Universities and G.I.R.

Our succesful approaching to different universities in Baja's region became really succesful, this approachment gives to us more understanding between students and their professional dreams and goals in life and the result was very pleasent for both parts and now G.I.R. is one of their first options to work with.


Winitech México

Excelent Presentation of Winitech in Tijuana

December 5th. was the date and Tijuana was the place a day that it will change the history of security on Mexico and Winitech will be resposible to do that. The event was attended by several personalities from the mexican government and all the different public departments which are responsible for human security and control of the cities.

Winitech technologies was the most important thing to show and to demonstrate their capabilities in so many different situations or events acording to humans and safety of the cities and the result was absolutely great because every person that went that day was able to prove that Winitech's technologies are real and for the most effective.